Performance Minded athletes and people in general realize the importance of proper body hydration to achieve optimal results. Enhance your body’s performance during workouts and sports activities while improving Speed, Strength, and Endurance. Drink what your body needs to be a winner!

pH Performance Water contains no stimulants, no sugars, no artificial ingredients and is produced naturally. We apply our proprietary water micro clustering technology to activate the existing oxygen levels in Wisconsin’s natural spring water. The result: pH Performance Water contains up to 700 times the activated oxygen levels compared to normal bottled water which rapidly re-hydrates the body for optimal results.

“Water is the most crucial factor in establishing and maintaining proper acid-alkaline balance. pH (Potential Hydrogen) is a measure of relative acidity or alkalinity, with o at the extreme acid end of the scale and 14 at the extreme alkaline end. The blood stream seeks to maintain a consistent pH balance of 7.3 or 7.4, but poor quality diet, stress, environmental toxins, and medications can cause our metabolic pH to become too acidic. Because disease thrives in acidosis, drinking alkaline water is the fastest way to positively impact health and eradicate inflammation caused by excess acidity. High pH water (about 9.5) can alkalinize the body at the cellular level and help the blood stream maintain its appropriate pH. This, in turn, helps to increase energy, improve sleep, reduce pain, eliminate acid reflux, relieve colitis and irritable bowel problems, normalize blood pressure and weight, and resist disease.” Susan Silberstein, PhD, Founder & President, BeatCancer.org